Yoga During Pregnancy For Overall Wellness

Yoga During Pregnancy For Overall Wellness

People find remedies for physical and mental problems but they often find it difficult to find the solution of both together. However, yoga is an age-old practice that can help in taking care of the physical, mental, and spiritual concerns of an individual at the same time. Practicing yoga during pregnancy is very beneficial for physical and mental wellness.

Yoga is considered as a systematic practice of exercises that includes physical movements, relaxation, mental focus, breath control, meditation and positive thinking to create harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga is a kind of exercise that focusses on the well-being of the body, mind and spirit. It requires the Yogi to follow some specific yoga postures and breathing techniques that help in maintaining physical and mental relaxation.

Yoga is a universal exercise that has no boundaries and benefits everyone. Children, adults, men, women, elderly people, hence everyone can enjoy the positivity and greatness of the exercises of Yoga.

Yoga in Pregnancy:

Pregnant women go through the most crucial phase of their life. During pregnancy, they have to deal with several body pains throughout the period of pregnancy like back pain, neck pain, spine, hips, lower abdomen, and legs. To deal with these pains, Gynecologists suggest them to take a good diet, proper rest, and avoid lifting heavy objects.

Yoga During Pregnancy
Yoga in Pregnancy

Many pregnant women go through the experience of anxiety and stress as well. For this, many doctors recommend yoga. This provides mental relaxation and helps their body get prepared for easy delivery.

Prenatal Yoga:

There are specific postures of yoga for pregnant women before delivery and it is known as prenatal yoga. These yoga postures are safe and take care of the health of both mother and the unborn. When you adapt to such exercises and postures which include relaxation and breathing it keeps the expecting moms away from stress and depression.

Important Tips for Yoga in Pregnancy:

Before getting into the list of recommended safe yoga postures during pregnancy, it’s important to know when an expectant mother should start doing yoga and for how long it must be continued.

Important Tips for Yoga in Pregnancy
Important Tips for Yoga in Pregnancy
  • Yoga in pregnancy must be approved by the doctor. The first trimester is most crucial and the safety of the mother and baby must be the priority.
  • The safer time for starting yoga in pregnancy is the second trimester that starts after 15 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Prenatal yoga classes are safer. They cater to the requirements of an expectant mother. The poses are gentler.
  • If you want to continue with regular yoga classes, do inform your instructor about your pregnancy.
  • The body is prone to lose balance more in the second trimester as the gravity shifts to the bump. In this case, try using the support of a wall or chair during yoga.
  • Yoga bolsters can also help for support.
  • Use shoulders and back for twisting rather than the waist to avoid unnecessary pressure on the bump.
  • Avoid deep and sudden twisting.

Recommended Yoga Postures During Pregnancy:

There are many safe yoga postures recommended during pregnancy by many doctors, yoga trainers, and fitness experts.

Yoga for the First Trimester:

The first trimester of the pregnancy is the period of the first 3 months, ranging from week 0 to week 13. This is the most crucial period of pregnancy and most of the yoga exercises include relaxation and light breathing. Sitting postures with deep breathing and gentle stretching help during this time. Poses like pigeon pose, downward dog pose, cow pose and pranayama are recommended poses.

Yoga for the Second Trimester:

During the second trimester, the period between the 3rd and 6th month lies between 14 to 25 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnancy becomes more stable and the emotions as well but the body loses its balance due to the shift of gravity.

practicing Yoga During Pregnancy
Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

Try using the support of pillows while sitting, and wall, or a chair while doing standing postures. This known as the honeymoon period of pregnancy.  The yoga postures for this trimester move a step forward to build strength. You can do poses like Goddess pose, hip stretches, warrior pose, squats etc.

Yoga for the Third Trimester:

The third trimester lies between 6th and 9th month and lasts for about 25 to 35 weeks. This period of pregnancy needs more strength for the body to push and prepare for easy delivery. Poses can improve stability and recommend during this time. Avoid unassisted balancing poses, inverting your body, body bends or lying flat on your belly or back.

Poses like Hip Circle, Standing Lateral stretch, Seated and Supported Wide-Legged Forward Fold, Kneeling Hip Abduction, Seated Side-to-Side Rock and wall squats are safe to practice.

Final Words:

Yoga can make any life experience beautiful and ease your stress and anxiety during pregnancy. The strength and peace that yoga provides are unmatchable and the results are shown when complemented with a healthy lifestyle. Must read some Points to Remember Before Doing Yoga Practice.


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