What are FUE And FUT Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair Transplant

According to Wikipedia, hair transplantation is a surgical technique in which hair follicles are removed from a part of the scalp called the “donor site” and transplanted onto a bald or balding part of the scalp which is known as the “recipient site. “. In simple terms, transplanting hair on a bald scalp is known as a hair transplant. The hair transplant procedure is broadly classified as:

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery 

Follicular Unit Extraction, commonly known as FUE, is one of two modern hair transplantation techniques. In FUE hair transplantation, the naturally occurring clumps of hair are pulled out and transplanted to the bald scalp area. These clumps of hair are mainly removed on the sides of the head or at the nape of the donor area of ​​the scalp with a special removal instrument.

These hair follicles are then transferred to the recipient or bald spot on the scalp and then implanted using a dynamic stereo microscope. The hair transplant clinic must take great care to implant the hair follicles at the correct angle to mimic the old hair of the patient or recipient as it would grow naturally.

For an ideal patient who wants to go under hair transplant in Delhi, there must be healthy hair growth on the back of the head and the sides of the head to serve as a donor area of ​​the scalp for hair follicle recovery. For a successful FUE hair transplant, the FOX test is essential, which verifies the tightness with which the hair follicle units are held in the dermis varies. If the patient is FOX positive, the surgeon can proceed with the FUE hair transplant technique.


  • Detection of short hair
  • Microscopic scars are almost invisible in the donor area of ​​the scalp
  • No need to revisit the surgeon or consultant to remove the sutures.


  • This technique trims the donor hair very finely, which makes the hair appear thin.
  • During the operation, the patient must remain in the prone position, which increases discomfort.
  • Only one case can be carried out in a day, which makes the operation more expensive than the FUT.

FUT Hair transplant surgery

Follicular Unit Transplantation, better known as FUT, is a widely accepted technique. Also, the FUT hair transplant technique is best for performing high-density hair transplants on a patient’s scalp.

In this surgery, follicular units are removed from the donor area of ​​the scalp, followed by the insertion of these follicular units into the recipient or bald area of ​​the scalp. The extracted hair follicle units are natural units that, with a good transplant, replicate the natural growth of the patient’s hair in the bald area of ​​the scalp.

The respective patient must have a healthy donor part, i.e. the back and sides of the scalp, to meet the cosmetic goal of hair transplantation. The scalp must be free from autoimmune diseases and the patient must not be affected by DUPA (Diffuse Un-Patterned Alopecia) or diffused un-patterned hair loss.


  • The best option is if the patient needs a large number of transplanted hair follicles.
  • Less operation time than FUE.
  • Cheaper than FUE transplant surgery.


  • Causes FUT scars, i.e. leave a scar where hair is removed.
  • Causes inflammation of the hair follicles.
  • The transplanted hair certainly looks unnatural.

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