Use these 5 organic face care brands instead of chemicals

Do not use chemicals, take care of your face with these 5 organic brands

There are many types of cosmetics available in the Indian market. But most of the brands have a chemical formula that does not suit the skin of many women. Many brands also give a lot of chemical products in the name of Ayurveda and herbal. Many people do not even understand how chemicals are mixed in the products in the name of organic. If you also want to choose the right Natural and Organic Skin Care Brand, then you can choose some brands for that. But first of all, it is also important to know how to identify organic brands.

How to identify organic products-

By the way, there is a simple identity of an organic product that it has a natural composition, that is, see what has been mixed in it. But here it is also important that natural does not mean that it must be organic. Everything organic has a natural composition, but not every natural product is organic. To be completely organic, a product has to meet certain international standards. For example, all the ingredients used in the product should be grown on such fertile land where synthetic chemicals, etc. have not been used for 3 years. Even during processing, organic material has to be kept separate. For this, agencies like ECOCERT, Onecert, Nature, IMO Control, etc. give certification. Products may meet the India Organic, USDA Organic, Japanese Agriculture Standard, or EU Organic standards. 100% organic, 90% organic, etc are also given in this.

1. Just Herbs

Use these 5 organic face care brands instead of chemicals

I have used this brand for a long time and can say that it is affordable and good. This product can be for those who do not like to experiment with the face. It has a range of products ranging from rose face packs to lip balm, anti-tan packs, and face wash. You will get the products of this brand at a price of Rs.300. The face wash of this brand is also very good. The honey face wash does not create much lather and this ends the problem of a dry face. Click here to buy facewash from this brand.

2. Kama Ayurveda

Use these 5 organic face care brands instead of chemicals

India Organic and USDA Organic standards are used in this brand. It is also made from products found in trees. Don’t know how many products like extra-virgin coconut oil will be found in it. Its guarantee will be available only on the basis of user review. There is everything from henna powder to beneficial aloe vera juice. Yes, shampoo, etc. are quite expensive, but on the basis of that the quality is quite good. Kama Ayurvedic’s Bhringraj oil can prove to be very good for hair. Click here to buy Bhringraj oil from this brand.

3. Organic Harvest

Use these 5 organic face care brands instead of chemicals

It gets Natrue, Onecert, and ECOCERT certifications and there will be no problem with this. Its range is also similar to that of Kama Ayurvedic. Preservatives are also less. That’s why it will give you a very good response. Anti-wrinkle face mask, conditioner for damaged hair, etc. will be very good in this. You might also like Organic Harvest’s Daily Shampoo, which can be used daily on hair without any chemicals. Click Here to Buy It.

4. Azafran Organics

Use these 5 organic face care brands instead of chemicals

This brand uses natural oils to preserve its products. One of the other products will be available for almost every skin type. Products like Soya Milk Skin Soothing Body Butter, Nutri Active Skin Firming Cream, etc. can give very good results. Yes, its price will also be slightly higher than the average, but for a good product, the price does not matter much. Click here to buy Day & Night Cream from this brand.

5. Dear Earth

Use these 5 organic face care brands instead of chemicals

This is the only vegan brand on our list. All products are made by cold press method and are made by hand. Means the last use of the machine. Be it Apple Cider Anti Dandruff Shampoo or Hygiene Wash, you may like everything. The best thing is that there are some products in it which will come in your budget.

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