TREKKING DESTINATION; Best Time To Visit Triund Trek

Triund Trek

Triund is a calm and alluring trekking destination. Situated in Dhauladhar Range, 18 km from Dharamshala, it provides amazing scenes of the high Dhauladhar ranges on one side and on the other the Kangra val. And the Triund ride is certainly simple for 1st timers and well-liked amongst adventure enthusiasts of all ages.

it’s best to avoid visiting triund trek during the monsoon season as the region receives heavy rainfall, which can lead to landslides and make the trek difficult and risky.

Best time to visit Triund Trek

Triund trek is a trek that can be undertaken in the monsoon, winter, and summer seasons. This is a great trek to do as there are many things to see and do on this trek.

Some say that the best time to go on this trek is between April and June. During this period you will get to see the best flowers in bloom. You will also get to see many animals such as deer, birds, and squirrels during this season. 

While others say the best time to visit is monsoon. Triund Trek is also known as Monsoon Trek, which is a great time to visit this place. The best time to visit Triund Trek is during the monsoon season, which begins in June and ends in September.

Trails that are part of the triund trek are Bhagirathi Ganga Parvat Yatra, Kedarnath Temple Yatra, and the Panchachuli Lakeshore Circuit. All these trails offer different types of experiences and they can be combined into a longer one-way trip if you want to add on more days or weeks at the end of your trip!

The highlight of this trek is the Bhagirathi Ganga Parvat Yatra, which takes you across steep cliffs along with beautiful views of the confluence of the Ganges River and Bhagirathi River where it meets their common source at Gangotri Glacier.

The trail is marked by blue signs so it is easy to follow and there are no difficulties while walking on the trail.

How challenging is the Triund Trek?

Triund is amongst the simpler treks and is perfect for beginners. but the distance between Mcleodganj and Dharamkot is so short, it won’t utilize all of your power and is complete with slopes and horizontal trails. No matter what your level of hiking experience is, anybody may seamlessly conclude the 1st 6 kilometers. After which, there would be 22 bright turns, and this is where the game of physical and mental toughness begins. The hiking encounter will additionally be influenced by the weather and time of year you pick up to go. It’s difficult to endure it all over the winter and in the icy weather.

Major lodestones

The beautiful Dhauladhar range

The Dhauladhar range is directly conterminous to the trip. The mountains offer beautiful lookouts from their summits. Your heart will really be won over by nature’s magnificent beauty.

The magnific evening outlook

The trampers get to see a stirring evening at the spot in the pristine Kangra Valley where the golden sun gleams magnificently over the mountain peaks.


Every time, a sizable number of people visit Dharamshala to take in the majesty of its dens and mountains. Caller lodestones in Dharamshala include the Dalai Lama’s tabernacle, tea colonies, Buddhist cloisters, and the famed Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium.

Waterfall and Temple of Bhagsu Nag

In the 5100- time-old Bhagsu Nag Temple, Lord Shiva is said to have triumphed. Travelers can find peace and tranquility then. You will surely fall in love with this spot. Also, there’s a witching cascade close to the Bhagsu NagTemple that offers excursionists calmness and countenance.

Naddi’s Point of View

The Naddi View Point is a natural wonder that appeals to trampers and excursionists. It’s the ideal position to see the stirring evening. Also, this position provides succulent original treats that are hard to repel.


Triund trek is a popular trek in Uttarakhand and has many attractions.It is a two day short trek. You can easily plan it on a weekend. One  barely gets leave from the office to plan a trip but in this case you can opt for Triund trek, one of the best places to explore and go on an adventurous trip. Triund trek allows you to explore the calmness of the beautiful Himalayas. The trek might be short but will definitely give you the taste of adventure.

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