Top 7 Fitness Tips For Women

Top 7 Fitness Tips For Women

Top 7 Fitness Tips for women has been around since Betty Crocker published the first book in 1950. They are easy to follow, fun, and promote a healthier life. The first book described ten fitness goals that needed to be met for women to be considered fit.

The fitness goals were:

  1. Improve flexibility
  2. develop endurance
  3. improve body composition
  4. improve bone strength
  5. lose weight
  6. increase athletic performance
  7. decrease injury risk

Betty Crocker has had over two hundred books written about her techniques and has experienced two pregnancies and has successfully completed two spinal surgeries.

I have been on both sides of the fitness journey and have stood on many stages at various gyms with various trophies sitting on my rack. I have walked away feeling stronger, more energized, more coordinated, and I have felt like a new woman.

And guess what? My workouts, at least the ones I was doing before winning the marathon, made me feel like I was twenty again.

Fitness Tips For Women:

So where does a woman go to find the top 7 fitness tips for staying fit? I have found that the best place to get a solid workout plan is online. The workouts are just as effective as having a trainer at your beck and call, and you don’t need a personal trainer or a gym membership to get started.

Fitness Tips For Women
Fitness Tips For Women

When you take the time to learn about what you can do to burn calories, you will know what it is you need to do each day to get back into shape. You need to eat right and get back into shape each and every day. To keep the top 7 fitness tips, you must keep your body guessing as to what it needs to burn calories and build muscle.

You must not let your metabolism run wild because then your food intake will drastically decrease, which means that you will be consuming fewer calories every day.

Learn the top 10 fitness tips for staying fit:

If you want to learn the top 10 fitness tips for staying fit and losing weight, then it would be smart to stop eating fast food and all of the other processed foods. Instead of going out to eat with your friends each night, sit down at your table with a good book and some wine.

When you eat, make sure you eat slowly so your digestive system can process the food properly. Eat several small meals a day rather than three large ones. This will help you feel full and less likely to snack between meals.

fitness tips for staying fit
fitness tips for staying fit

It is imperative that you find the right workout routine for your goals and stick to it. Once you begin following a fitness journey, you will probably need to take some time off from the gym. So it would be wise to find some rest days in between your workout routines, either at your local gym or at a park.

The final top tip for staying in shape:

The final top tip for staying in shape is to just buckle down and get serious about following a workout regimen. It may seem tempting to hop on the couch for a couple of hours every day, but this is not a good idea. You must be in a routine in order to be productive.

If you try to work out on your own once in a while then you will burn very few calories and you will not reach your fitness goals. If you have a workout regimen that you follow every day, then you will see positive results and be on your way to feeling great about yourself and losing weight.

Cardio workouts can be done in a variety of ways. There are speed and strength workouts that you can do to tone up your muscles and build endurance. Then there are cardio workouts that will give you the cardiovascular lift that your body needs.


Running, biking, swimming and rowing are a few great choices for your cardio workouts. Make sure that you find the routine that works best for your particular needs so that you can begin to see results now.

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