The Effect Of Alcohol On Male Potency

Effect Of Alcohol On Male Potency

The modern world dictates its rules. Very rarely, dates or parties are celebrated without alcohol. As a result, alcohol has become the life companion of most men. And only a few of them think of the effect of alcohol on power. The unpleasant truth about impotence does not seem particularly convincing, but alas – impotence threatens all alcoholics.

Most of those who drink regularly do not even think about what might be the consequences for his masculine power. Until the “guarantee” issued by the mother’s health to nature does not end, and these problems will not appear in the future without limits, but in bed. 

Effect Of Alcohol On Male Potency
Effect Of Alcohol On Male Potency

Chronic and persistent use of alcohol causes power problems, resulting in a marked deterioration in self-esteem and interpersonal difficulties. This, in turn, pushes the alcoholic on new crises. That is why a person who abuses alcohol and who suffers from helplessness needs help not only in the form of drugs but also by counseling a psychologist

Most often, impotence catches up with a person who has abused alcohol at age 35-40, and if the body is weaker or a higher dose of alcohol, it can happen in 30 years.

Young people are convinced that at age 30, that can not occur; they do not want to face reality or believe that it is possible in principle. They read the advice on the Internet, besides it will never touch them, they let the doctors persuade them because they are convinced that it will not happen to them correctly.

The effects of small doses of alcohol on the power

Low doses of alcohol stimulate the central nervous system, increasing Intimate arousal, and increase blood flow to the male genitalia, resulting in a healthy and prolonged erection. Besides, alcohol reduces sensitivity, which helps control ejaculation and prolongs the time of intercourse.

For these reasons, many men do not consider it shameful to “take to the chest” before intercourse. But the fact is that even small doses of alcohol do not pass for the body without leaving a trace.

How to minimize the consequences of drinking before intimate?

First, it will be determined with the dosage (it should be small). Second, decide what you drink: a glass of good red wine will be an ideal option to continue a romantic evening and will help you relax and release. 

The effect of high alcohol doses on potency

Every man who was intoxicated knows that it is difficult to get an erection sufficient for intimate. Why is this happening? The activity of the liver is disrupted, which leads to a degradation of the hormonal metabolism. That is to say, the male potency hormones are inhibited, in particular, the testosterone, responsible for the physical function.

These alcoholic beverages like beer, and contain an analog of female love hormones – phytoestrogens, which have the opposite effect of testosterone. 

The effect of constant use of alcohol on an erection

Alcoholism is a disease of which one of the symptoms is the absence of Intimate life, power, and intimate desire. Although the latter may be present to a certain extent, the opportunity to realize its attraction is not possible. Alcoholism is a common cause of impotence.

The treatment of these problems

As it did not seem banal and straightforward, but the only one can normalize the Intimate life of the alcoholic – a complete refusal of alcohol is the only panacea. The recovery of the power is possible according to the age, the duration of the alcohol intoxication, the individual characteristics of the organism.

Kamagra Oral Jelly and Vidalista 20 best option to treat ed. Doctors of our time have already learned to get people out of drinking. There are very effective pharmaceutical and physiotherapy methods to cleanse the body.

The main thing is that it requires the person’s desire to get rid of addiction and restore lost health. And the first thing to do is to eliminate the consumption of alcohol and even low-alcohol drinks.

The sooner you turn to the doctors-narcologists, the sooner you restore your health and will be able to restore power. After all, even modern ways to increase potency, like Cenforce 100Cenforce 200, will not help you, if you can not part with the alcohol addiction that has destroyed your erection.

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