Rules Of Yoga – Points to Remember Before Doing Yoga Practice

Points to Remember Before Doing Yoga Practice

Important Rules of Yoga:

  1. The qualities required for an aspirant are discipline, faith, sincerity and perseverance to practice regularly without interruptions.
  2. Do not perform these practices indiscriminately. Follow Only those practices which is defined for you.
  3. Breathe normally through the nose all the time.
  4. The muscles which are not involved in the pose should be relaxed. In other words, practice differential relaxation.
  5. Minimize your efforts to attain and maintain the pose.
  6. While maintaining the pose, take your mind away from it and engage it in Pranadharana, i.e., feel the touch of the breath at the walls of the nose.
  7. According to your capacity try to attain the patterns. Any kind of strain should be avoided.
  8. Do not practice to the point of fatigue. If you experience a feeling of tiredness, stop and practice Shavasana and relax before you resume your practice.
  9. Avoid competitive spirit.
  10. Perform all the practices slowly and smoothly.
  11. One can practice only in a calm and pleasant mood. If you are mentally or physically upset, then come to the normal state or do Shavasana before practice.
  12. Any kind of violent action should be cautiously avoided during the practices.
  13. It is better to wear clothing that will not restrict body movement. It must be loose, light and comfortable.
  14. The practice place of Yogasanas must be clean and peaceful. A blanket or a mat should be spread on the ground chosen for Yogasanas.
  15. One can practice Yogasanas at any time, but not in the hot sun. If practiced in the morning, one will feel energetic throughout the day and if practiced in the late evening one will feel rejuvenated.
  16. Asanas have to practice preferably on an empty stomach. If one feels hungry, one can have a cup of milk or tea or some fruit before practicing.
  17. One can practice yoga 3 to 4 hours after having a heavy meal or 1 hour after a light meal. After completing the Asanas one can take food after half an hour.
  18. One can take a bath before practice for activating the muscles.
  19. No undue strain should be felt in the facial muscles, ears and Eyes or in breathing during the practice.
  20. Breathing should be done through the nose only, not through the mouth. Do not hold the breath while in the process of the as asana or while in the poster.
  21. End the Yogasana session with savasana for at least 5 to 15 minutes.
  22. Never talk while doing asanas.
  23. Women in their menstrual period should avoid the practice of Asanas.
  24. During pregnancy, women have to practice under the guidance of an expert.
  25. Aspirants with health problems should check with their healthcare professionals before starting a yoga practice.
  26. There is no harm in performing yogic practices and other physical exercises side by side. Don’t practice both immediately one after another. Give a pass of half an hour between both.

Above given are the basic Important Rules of Yoga. Adopt yogic practices as a way of life and gain happiness in life by becoming more steady, healthy, and versatile.


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