Murcha Pranayama: Method, Precautions & Benefits

Murcha Pranayama: Method, Precautions & Benefits

What is Murcha Pranayama?_Today we will talk about the unconsciousness of pranayama. As the name suggests, Murcha Pranayama means to become unconscious. In layman’s language, a state of unconsciousness arises. This pranayama is also known in English as fainting. But let us tell you that it is necessary to do this pranayama only under the supervision of an expert. This pranayama can only be done by a person who is an expert in Yoga Teacher Training in Bali every pranayama or who has a good understanding of pranayama. Today’s article is not only about the method of Murcha Pranayama, but today we will tell you through this article what are the health benefits of Murcha Pranayama. And what kind of precautions are necessary while doing this? Read on…

Method of doing Murchha Pranayama:

Usually, this pranayama is done by Siddha Yogis. It not only keeps the stress away but also fights anxiety and depression. Along with removing mental problems, it also helps in achieving the high goals of the person. In such a situation, know the method of doing unconscious pranayama-

First of all, lay the posture on the ground and sit on it in the position of Siddhasana or Padmasana. Now sit in the meditative position and close your eyes. Your neck, head, and spine should be in all three straight and both your hands should be placed above the knees. Remove all kinds of disorders and thoughts from your mind, now keep your mind calm and try to remain stress-free. Tilt your head backward. Breathe slowly through the nose with Ujjayi Pranayama. Your eyes should be open. You look at the sky with your eyes and hold your breath for some time while straightening the spine while applying pressure on the hands above your knees. After some time, while exhaling, leave your hands and body also loose. Close your eyes and sit in your old position again. You repeat this process at least 3 to 4 times.

Precautions to be taken before doing Pranayama:

  • Please tell me that this pranayama should never be done alone. Because sometimes in this state the person goes into a state of unconsciousness. While doing this, it is very important to be aware of the body, the movement of the breath, and the head.
  • If you are suffering from a heart or liver problem then do not practice this pranayama.
  • If you feel a state of unconsciousness while doing this pranayama, then stop it immediately.
  • Those who are troubled by high blood pressure should also not do this pranayama.
  • People who have epileptic seizures should not do this pranayama.

Benefits of doing Murchha Pranayama:

  • Let us tell you that the mind remains calm with the unconscious pranayama and the person feels bliss all the time.
  • If a person is troubled by headaches, mental problems, anxiety, stress, etc., then through this Murchha Pranayama, he can overcome his problem.
  • By doing Murchha Pranayama, the weight of the person is also reduced and energy develops inside the person.

Note – The point mentioned above shows that Murchha Pranayama should never be practiced alone. For this, it is very important to have the help of an expert, a slight negligence can make you unconscious.

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