Meditation Posture – Complete Guide

Meditation Posture – Complete Guide

Depending on who teaches you meditation, postures can be a big thing when it comes to meditating correctly. However, meditation is all about relaxation. So if you learn the practice from a guru who has spent years refining their meditation practice and the poses associated with meditation then you could feel very uncomfortable in your meditation experience. Let’s know some easy meditation posture.

Some meditation postures and poses can have their benefits when meditating. But for the beginner, they can be a huge obstacle. So what’s more important for the beginner is to feel comfortable and enjoy the newfound experience that meditation can bring.

Lying down meditation posture:

Lying down meditation posture

Lying down is excellent for visualization meditations. But, it can have the problem of the person being so relaxed that they actually fall asleep. Whenever possible choose a place to lie down on that isn’t too soft, for example, the floor. Lie with your feet slightly apart with your arms by your side not touching your body, palms facing up. If you choose to have a pillow below your head is good but make sure it’s very thin. And make sure that your head shouldn’t be too far from the floor.

Sitting meditation posture:

Sitting meditation posture

If you are using a chair then always make sure it is a hard-backed chair. Make sure it is right for the height of your legs, the legs should be straight below the knees. Sit straight as shown above in the figure and make sure that your spine is erect. Let your hands rest gently on your knees or put them in your lap with the back of your right one resting gently against the left.

Sitting crossed legged meditation posture:

Sitting crossed legged meditation posture
Sitting crossed legged meditation posture

The easiest way to sit cross-legged on the floor is with the help of a very thin cushion. Your legs crossed in front of you and you’re back resting up against a wall. For beginners to the lotus position or half-lotus, the first thing to decide is which half of your body is more flexible.

Sit down and fold the least flexible of your ankles towards the base of your spine. Hold the ankle of the other leg bring this up and place the foot down onto the top of your other thigh. Ideally, try to get the knee of the uppermost leg down onto the floor. This is the half-lotus position, the full lotus position is very hard for the beginner. And the many beginners cannot find the comfort they need to meditate successfully.

Walking meditation:

Walking meditation has been practiced for hundreds of years, it just requires loose comfortable clothing and shoes which are comfortable. This type of meditation can be performed in all aspects of day to living. It helps to relax both body and mind.

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