Meditation Poses In Yoga – 6 Best Poses

Meditation Poses In Yoga

Meditation can be practiced anywhere without any special training or knowledge of meditation. There are some poses and postures which are thought to enhance the experience. There are two Meditation Poses In Yoga that is most beneficial these are Padmasana (the lotus pose) and siddhasana (adepts pose). These two poses can help to calm the nervous system as well as helping to achieve mental, emotional and physical stability.

These poses however take some practicing and the meditation beginner should be careful. When trying them, only do what feels comfortable to you. Meditation is foremost about relaxation of the muscles so don’t go straining them into an uncomfortable position. If you don’t feel comfortable then sit in a position that’s right for you. Practice sitting in one of the positions described below when you are not meditating until you feel comfortable with them. Also, know about Meditation and Its Health Benefits.

The Padmasana or Lotus Pose:

Meditation Poses In Yoga - Padmasana

Begin by sitting yourself comfortably on the floor placing your right foot onto your left thigh. Take a hold of your left foot and place this onto your right thigh. Keep your spine and body erect with both knees firmly touching the floor; your hands should rest on your knees or place them between your heels with the right hand resting gently on the left.

Siddhasana or Adepts Pose:

Siddhasana - Meditation Poses In Yoga

Begin by sitting comfortably on the floor with your spine and body held upright. Bend and draw the left leg in, so that the heel is touching the perineum. Now bring your right leg up and place your heel against the pubic bone. Make sure your body is held erect with your hands in the position as the lotus pose.

Mukthasana – Meditation Poses In Yoga:

Mukthasana - Meditation Poses In Yoga
Mukthasana – Meditation Poses In Yoga

Sit with your legs stretched forward then bend your right leg at the knee and rest the heel against the pubic bone. Now bend the left leg place the heel above your right heel close to your pubic bone. Rest your hands gently upon your knees.

Swastikasana – Meditation Poses In Yoga:

Swastikasana - Meditation Poses In Yoga
Swastikasana – Meditation Poses In Yoga

Stretch your legs out in front of you then bend your right leg at the knee and place the heel against the groin at the left thigh, bend the left leg and place the heel against the right groin. Put the toes of the left foot between the right calf and thigh muscle, the hands are put in the same position as Padmasana.

Sukhasana Meditation Pose:

Sukhasana - Meditation Poses In Yoga
Sukhasana Meditation Pose

This pose is also known as the easy pose, simply sit comfortably on the floor and cross the legs, the hands are placed as in the Padmasana pose.

Vajrasana Meditation Pose:

Vajrasana Meditation Pose
Vajrasana Meditation Pose

Sit with your buttocks resting on your heels, making sure the head, trunk and neck are held erect. Keep your knees together with your hands resting lightly on your knees the palms facing down.

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