Hydro facial: New effective technique of facials steps

Hydro facial: New effective technique of facials step

Hydro facial are becoming very popular to revive the glow of the skin. It is a technology-based treatment plan. The results of this unique device are similar to those of a microdermabrasion treatment. The only difference between these two is that along with the treatment, it also hydrates the skin. True to its name, this treatment delivers antioxidants and nutrients to the skin while retaining moisture. Hydra Facial in dehradun is a new gift in the field of skincare. This is liquid-based exfoliation.

What happens in Hydra facial treatment?

This treatment is completed in several stages. It is a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, vacuum-based painless extraction, hydration, and nourishing ingredients applied one after the other.

First stage –

Cleaning and Exfoliation – A small tool is used to expand clogged pores. After this exfoliation is done. In this, old make-up, dead skin, and debris on the upper surface of the facial skin are cleaned.

Second step –

Acid Peel – Glycolic and salicylic acid peels are applied to an even layer of facial skin to unclog and unclog pores. It also removes dried pimples and the dark color of the skin also becomes lighter. Peeling agents do not cause any damage to the skin except a slight tingling sensation.

Third step –

Vacuum Extraction- With the advent of the Hydrafacial, facials with hands have become a thing of the past. A tool with a small nozzle suctions out long-term debris from the skin follicles through a vacuum. It collects in a cup at the base of the machine. One can be surprised to see the amount of waste that accumulates on our skin.

Fourth step –

Imbibition- In this step, a serum rich in antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides is delivered to the skin follicles through the tool. This maintains the flexibility and moisture of the skin. In this way, youthful glowing skin can be returned through Hydrafacial. There is no pain in this and the skin gets nutrients through medicines.

What would be the Hydra facial advantage?

Re-hydration provides the foundation for a healthy and long-lasting glow. Whenever there is a lack of moisture in the skin, the skin tissues are unable to function at full capacity. Because of this, they get damaged and the face starts looking old before time. Hydra facial also cleanses the skin and also nourishes it.

Who should do this treatment?

This new-generation treatment can be used at any age and on any skin type, even very sensitive skin can tolerate this treatment. It is always good to nourish the skin with active chemicals.

Special Features:

1. This process frees the skin from toxins and its glow returns again. Smooth moisture on the face after the procedure persists for 5 to 7 days. By doing this process once a month, the dark color of the facial skin also becomes lighter. Fine lines disappear.

2. The skin regenerates and there is no discomfort.

3. Make-up can be applied after treatments. You can return to work immediately.

4. No kind of electric current is used in the treatment.

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