How the surrogacy process works

the surrogacy process

The process of surrogacy is extensive and long. It requires both the parties present and active at the same time. You may get frustrated as it is hectic. So the process is for your dreams to take the shape in reality, you need to stay at the spot. The process of surrogacy is the same everywhere, no matter what agency or hospital you go for. So once you have chosen the agency for surrogacy, you will now be subjected to different steps until the baby is in your hands.

There are several processes you need to follow. The major steps are discussed below.

Documentation for surrogacy

When you opt for surrogacy in any agency or the hospital you have to go through the proper legislative process. When you sign that documentation you are now bound to follow the rules and regulations.

The documentation contains several requirements to be filled by your sides like agency fee, surrogacy fee, and the other discretion facts. You have to pay the fee accordingly and abide by all the regulations you have signed.

The matchmaking process

The matchmaking process is long and involves both parties; it is the most important factor because it is used to check the compatibility of both the surrogate mother and the intended parent.

If the match-making process goes good and the match that has been made is perfect the surrogacy will go successful. But if there is any discrepancy left unnoticed it will create trouble for both the parents and surrogate mother as well.

There are chances of abortion in such a case. Because most commonly, in these cases surrogate mother fails to sustain the pregnancy for a longer time.

The IVF process

The in-vitro fertilization is the step in which the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the bodies and then the genetic material is placed in the uterus of the surrogate mother or madri surrogate.

The major process i.e. fertilization takes place outside the bodies this is why it is called in-vitro fertilization. This is a time-consuming process and requires both parties present at the spot. 

Medical treatment and clinical processes

After the conception, the surrogate mother is subjected to a scheduled checkup, which is very much important to keep things balanced. So the agencies have their clinics with them.

The procedures are carried out in the clinics and the proper checkups like, ultrasounds and further medical treatments of the surrogate member are also carried out professionally. Proper checkup and observation are necessary for this process. 

Doctor’s consultation

The surrogate mother needs to remain in touch with the doctor, which is mostly the case. When you carry out surrogacy with some agency, they have doctors to take a proper check for the pregnant surrogate mothers there.

There are small things that are to be cared for. So if you are going for surrogacy with an independent surrogate you need to be much careful about all the medical procedures and treatments after and before the conception.

Gestational and traditional surrogacy

Both are types of surrogacy and need an egg from the male intended parent. Traditional surrogacy is one which requires the egg and sperm both from the intended parents. The surrogate mother only has to bear the baby for the couple.

But it is not the case in gestational surrogacy, the female surrogate member uses her own eggs to fertilize with the sperms of the intended male member. Hence the surrogacy is carried out in this manner.

Final thoughts

The process of surrogacy is long. Since it is going to fulfill your dream you need to be more patient. Opt the surrogacy agency with mutual understanding among yourself and with the consent of the agency as well.

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