Guide on How to Write a Synthesis essay


Writing an Synthesis essay is a very difficult task for some students. Moreover, some students do not know how to craft an essay which is why assignment help online exists.

A synthetic essay is a type of essay that gathers information from various sources to create a new idea, question, or controversial paper. An author writing a synthetic paper discusses ideas, data, and evidence from various sources to explain or claim something original. Synthetic essays are usually written by high school or college students and often follow a five-paragraph essay structure.

The questions or thesis that guide the synthetic essay may be based on the author’s subjective opinion, but he tries to use objective evidence and external data to support his point of view.

How to write a synthetic essay:

Follow this step-by-step guide to writing your essay-

Choose a topic of interest:

Think of some ideas for topics for your synthetic essay and prioritize the ones you are passionate about. Assignment help online can help students by providing them with various topics to write an essay on.

Conduct research:

Once you have decided on a topic, do extensive research using the Internet, libraries, or taking help from a Malaysia assignment helper. Then, turn to lead scholarly sources to find citations from scholars and experts or search for statistics and scholarly research related to your topic. This research helps develop a concrete, informed perspective. Use faithful sources that are impartial and objective. 

Write a self-introduction:

The first paragraph of the paper is the introduction. Its primary goal is to present the paper’s general premise, provide all necessary background information, and, hopefully, capture the reader’s attention. A strong thesis statement should be included in the first paragraph of your comprehensive essay. This is where you will state the point of view you are researching or the argument you will make.

Add body:

A synthetic essay usually contains three main paragraphs. A proper main paragraph includes three main sections: a topic (or key) clause, a related sub-clause, and a conclusion (or transition) clause. This structure allows paragraphs to focus on the main idea and provide clear and concise information.

Each major section should describe the paper’s different elements and supporting arguments, with evidence from each source. Describe common themes among the resources and how they relate to the text. Add rebuttals and explain how the source material refutes these claims and supports your ideas.

Conclude with a strong conclusion:

A conclusion is the final part of a research paper, essay, or article and summarizes the entire work. The final paragraph of the comprehensive essay should repeat the paper, summarize the main supplementary ideas discussed during the work, and provide a final impression of the central idea.


Always proofread your text several times before sending or presenting it. A few omitted words or grammatical errors can change or discredit the entire argument or opinion. Therefore, make sure your grammar, composition, and flow are as precise and clear as possible. This will help you come across as a reliable source of information.

A synthesis essay is your chance to stand out:

If I were to rate the difficulty of such an essay on a scale of 1 to 10, it would probably be an 8 or 9. But, remember, you can reduce that number by following these tips.

Also, this assignment should be viewed as an opportunity to improve your writing skills and impress your professor. If you get a good impression from your professor, you might get a recommendation from him, or if you’re in graduate school, he might be happy to guide you.

Guidelines for Writing a Synthesis Essay:

  • A key factor in creating a synthetic paper is proper analysis of a particular text or prompt.
  • Avoid using the name “synthetic essay” before or after the levant title. Remember to respond appropriately to your readers.
  • Use accurate vocabulary. Do not be afraid to use a dictionary. 
  • Use clear sentence structure. Avoid using the passive voice.
  • Correct mistakes: spelling, comma errors, subject-verb agreement, plurals, possessive pronouns.
  • And lastly, avoid the word “you”.
  • Students can take help from an Assignment help Kuala Lumpur who can check their assignments on their behalf.


Students can use some tips and tricks while writing a synthesis essay. Students should start writing a simple essay at the start and can gradually increase their standard.

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