Debunking 4 Popular Myths about Dental Assistant Careers

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Are you thinking of becoming a dental assistant? But have you been thinking about what people will think about your job? Your worries are understandable. There are too many ‘rumours’ surrounding this profession that make people assume a lot of negative things about it. It is fairly easy for non-assistants to claim that enrolling in dental assistant schools California is not a big deal when the reality is completely different. When people are less aware of any job profile they can claim many random things as correct information but this doesn’t make your career choice any small. Professionals have to make their job look effortless even when it’s tough. 

I understand that hearing from your close friends and family that you don’t do a ‘real’ job or that you are ‘just’ an assistant might be difficult. The perfect answer would be to make them read this blog!

In this blog, I have debunked all the myths that surround this profession and course and set the record straight for all who claim, ‘I could do it too’!

Dental Assistant Job

4 Popular Myths About Dental Assistant Jobs Busted

Dental AssistantIt’s Not A Hard Job!

So many people think that being a dental assistant is an easy task and there’s nothing to fuss about it. Even though the job title is of an assistant, it is a mountain of responsibility. When dental assistants enter any school for a dental assistant certification course, they have to choose a challenging environment to move forward in their career. Since many top dental academies have facilities to make students carry on their day-to-day life while studying this difficult course, students have to adjust to a fast-paced environment. They have to carry on their everyday work while attending weekend Zoom classes and clinical sessions. The certification courses involve dental sciences, chairside assisting, and other certification requirements. All of these three courses are extremely extensive and unlike what people think, it is not easy at all!

Typically dental assistants secure their certification after acquiring formal dental office externships that take a year-long commitment. 

They Don’t Know Much!

If people think that your profession needs less knowledge, they need to think again! While attending any certified dental assistant program, students not only have to gain knowledge about all dental procedures and instruments, but they need extensive knowledge and experience of the ins and outs of the dental office too. This means dental assistants are trained in state and federal laws, standards, and guidelines to aid their professions. Since dental assisting requirements change from state to state, these professionals need to have in-depth authentic information about state laws.

Also, when any student enrolls in a good academy, their teachers impart knowledge about the latest technologies in dental offices. This means their syllabus is always changing and adapting to different trends and technology. So before someone makes an offhand comment about you knowing less than ‘real’ doctors, make sure you explain this point thoroughly.

They Get Paid, Less

You might have heard from your friends and family that being a dental assistant will not secure your future financially. Well, this myth needs to be debunked right away! With the growth in experience and knowledge, dental assistants can make a handsome salary. On average, people who have passed out from good academies like MDS Dental Assisting Academy get about 37000 dollars per year!

Also, there is no end to opportunities for dental assistants in California. About 37% of top dental offices have given advertisements for hiring professional dental assistants. If you have searched thoroughly for dental assistant training near me and then selected your institute, there will be no stop to great work options. So the next time someone mocks you for a small salary, show them this blog!

Dental Offices Could Work Without Them!

If you are a dental assistant, you might have heard time and again that you are replaceable in your office. ‘Dental offices can work without you’, might be something you have commonly heard from people once they get to know that you are a dental assistant. 

The reality is dental offices are very much dependent on the good work ethics of the dental assistants. If they do not do a good job, the whole office will work on one leg! Only with your support can dentists take in patients, conduct a successful operation and so much more.  These are the common myths that people believe about dental assistants. There are a lot more that could have been added to the list but my main focus was the ‘popular’ ones. Lastly let me remind you, that the job of a dental assistant is a demanding and challenging one. Don’t let anyone make you feel any different about it!

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